How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost In Charlotte, NC?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost In Charlotte, NC?

May 10, 2024

Professional carpet cleaners can transform your dull and unattractive carpet into a timeless beauty, making their services well worth the investment. But before you book a cleaning service, the price tag might leave you (along with several homeowners) wondering.

So to clear your doubts, we have brought this comprehensive blog for you, where you’ll find a quick summary of the factors influencing the overall cost of your carpet cleaning.

With the help of this information, you can budget your expenses accordingly and avoid any surprises at the conclusion of your appointment day.

Factors Affecting The Total Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning typically costs $181, however, prices can range from $123 to $241 depending on square footage, carpet type, and other factors. First, we’ll talk about the cost dependent on the number of rooms in your home.

⇒ Number Of Rooms

More rooms typically mean more carpeted space to clean. Each additional room adds to the overall workload for the cleaning service, thus impacting the cost. Here’s what you can expect the price for the number of rooms.

  Number Of Rooms               Average Cost 






              4                   $80-$300
              5                   $200-$600

⇒ Size Of The Area

The size of the room equally plays an important role in determining the total cost. It’s simple math. The larger the room, the more time and effort professionals need to put into cleaning your carpets. Take a glimpse at the average cost to clean the carpet as per the size of your room.

    Carpet Size In Square Feet                             Cost 


                      1000-1800                           $150-400
                    1800-3000                         $300-$550
                      3000+                          $500-$600 

⇒ Carpet Type

Carpets are made from various materials like wool, cotton, or Berber. Each material has unique characteristics regarding durability, texture, and cleaning requirements.

This variability leads to differences in cost, making ‘Carpet Type’ a critical factor when estimating carpet cleaning expenses. The typical cost to clean a Berber carpet may include $90, for cotton $130, and for wool, it might go up to $150.

⇒ Cleaning Method

Different cleaning methods require various types of equipment. For example, steam cleaning (known as hot water extraction) typically requires more advanced and costly machinery than dry cleaning methods like encapsulation or bonnet cleaning. This equipment cost can directly impact the cleaning service’s pricing.

Steam cleaning the carpet can cost around $300, while regular shampooing can go up to $250. For dry cleaning, the charges may go around $200, meanwhile, for bonnet cleaning, you are expected to pay $150.

⇒ Additional Cost

In addition to the factors listed above, professionals also offer additional services including stain removal or carpet re-stretching. Have a look at what price you are expected to pay for each.

→ Stain removal

Getting stains out of carpet takes time, and professionals may charge for the additional hours, work, and supplies required to remove the stain. Expect an additional $25 to $40 for each soiled area.

→ Wicking and padding replacement

Carpet padding plays a crucial role in the comfort, insulation, and durability of a carpet. If the padding is damaged, worn out, or has absorbed significant moisture, replacing it can improve the carpet’s lifespan and overall quality.

By offering padding replacement with a cost of around $3.50 to $7 per square foot, professionals can ensure that the entire carpet system is in good condition, not just the visible top layer.

→ Carpet stretching

Carpet stretching can address issues like wrinkles, ripples, or buckling in the carpet, creating a smoother, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing surface. If your carpet appears more like a bumping surface than a smooth one, professionals may offer you re-stretching services at the cost of around $60.

→ Repairing holes

Sometimes, while cleaning a carpet, professionals might discover underlying issues, such as holes, frays, or damaged seams. Addressing these problems by charging you a cost of around $100-$250 per hole during the cleaning process, professionals can ensure that the carpet appears in its optimal condition when the job is complete.

Bottom Line!

Professional cleaning restores your once-appealing but now dull carpet. However, the cost of professional work frequently changes depending on a variety of circumstances, which if ignored might result in disappointment at the end of the day.

Hence, evaluate those elements and budget your spending properly to ensure that you have the best carpet cleaning service possible with no surprises.

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