How to maintain carpet after a professional cleaning?

How To Maintain Carpets After A Professional Cleaning?

June 27, 2024

You just had your carpet professionally cleaned, and it appears like a fresh new carpet with a silky texture. But what’s now? How will you keep your carpet clean, fresh, and regenerated for the upcoming months?

Worry not. We have covered some important ways to maintain carpets after a professional cleaning. Read this blog thoroughly to learn more.

6 Ways To Maintain Carpet After A Professional Cleaning

1. Avoid Stepping on the Carpet Until it’s Dry

Avoid stepping on the professionally cleaned carpet until it is thoroughly dry because wet carpets are susceptible to reaccumulating debris. It takes around 6 to 8 hours to dry.

If you walk over a wet carpet, the moist fibers can draw in dust and debris and re-soil it. You can use heater and humidifier fans to accelerate the drying process, as the hot air can help dry the carpet faster. You can also keep windows and doors open to let it dry naturally.

2. Wait Before Shifting Furniture

Wait for a while before you move your furniture back to the carpet. Moving it on the wet carpet can cause stains, soiling, dents, and other issues. Dust, debris, and other accumulated particles on the bottom of the furniture can transfer to the carpet, making it dirty again. So, it is advisable to wait until the carpet is completely dried.

3. Apply a Carpet Protector

Experts in professional carpet cleaning suggest using carpet protectors just after a professional cleaning service. It helps prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on the carpet fiber and penetrating the fiber. In addition to that, it protects your carpet from additional wear and tear.

4. Clean the Spills Immediately

The general rule for maintaining carpet after professional cleaning is to clean up spills immediately. Do not let the spills set on the carpet. Immediately clean it with a damp cloth or tissue paper. Whether it’s wine stains or pet urine, blot and clean it up with a clean cloth and water.

5. Adapt Regular Cleaning Policy

Regular cleaning can help you reduce dirt and grime buildup on the carpet’s fiber. The stains get deep if you wait too long and are difficult to remove. Frequent cleaning guarantees that dust and stains do not accumulate and prolong the carpet’s attractiveness.

Neglecting regular vacuuming and cleaning can invite allergens to go down in the fiber, which makes it difficult to address. Moreover, how often you should get your carpets professionally cleaned depends on how frequently you vacuum them. So, vacuum twice or thrice a week to keep it dirt-free.

6. Embed a Policy of Removing Shoes Outside

Shoes’ soles have uneven patterns that can carry dirt with them easily. When you walk on the carpet wearing them, the dirt can transfer to the carpet, soiling it and making it dirty. So, Strictly embed the no-shoe policy in your home by entering with shoes on the carpet.


Professionally cleaned carpet looks pristine and blooms like a fresh flower, but if you do not care after cleaning, it can accumulate more dirt than usual. Avoiding stepping in on wet carpets, applying for protection, embedding a no-shoe policy, and other ways mentioned can help maintain carpets after professional cleaning.

However, in addition to these general rules, ensure you follow the safety after-cleaning guidelines provided by your professional carpet cleaning company.

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