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Call us for hardwood cleaning services in the Charlotte, NC, area.

Our hardwood flooring deep cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection. We determine the material, and technicians make sure to find any pre-existing damages. We know that cleaning hardwood floors requires deep dirt extraction. With our advanced steaming machinery, we pull out debris, dirt, and allergens that settle into cracks and crevices.

Our technicians in Charlotte, NC, are given extensive training to clean hardwood floors that keep your hardwood looking shiny, clean, and like new.


Best Steamer brings to your professional hardwood floor deep cleaning services performed by our knowledgeable technicians. We are an experienced and dedicated team of floor cleaning services. Our cleaning services also include Mooresville carpet deep cleaning, buffing and refinishing, hardwood floor wax, and everything in between.

We are renowned in NC for our timely services. We always arrive on time at your commercial or residential location and finish the project within the estimated time. Furthermore, we understand the worth of time and money, so we don't waste either. Working with us, you will experience the most dedicated, professional, and punctual team for hardwood flooring deep cleaning.


Before we start cleaning your hardwood floor, we first begin determining the exact type of wood to avoid damaging your surface. When you use the incorrect cleansers on floors made of oak, maple, or walnut, it leads to discolorations or degraded surfaces, making the floors look unattractive, requires repair, and decreases the value of the floor's wooden floors of your home or office. We Use Top-Of-The-Line Products and Equipment to Perform Exceptional Hardwood Cleaning.


Our technicians do the needed to protect other surfaces and furnishings as well.

We move your furniture from the area to prevent any damage from surfactants or equipment.

We ensure the protection of baseboards with devices that do not remove stains or paint.

Our machines are designed to never mark surfaces with metal brackets or large wheels.

We use the right paste or compound and eco-friendly products along with a soft cloth to rub away debris when cleaning your hardwoods with difficult stains. Our technicians pay special attention to the small crevices between the planks or tiles of wood to remove hard particles.

  • We also apply protective floor sealants and much more.
  • After getting our hardwood floor cleaning service, your floor will not just look clean, tidy, and shiny, but it will also be germ-free. Hence, a safe space for kids.
  • To avail of our hardwood flooring deep cleaning, give us a call today. We are looking forward to speaking with you.


Experience professional hardwood deep cleaning services from the experts and extend the life of your hardwood floors - our cleaning and finish can save you the cost of repairs and replacement. Our advanced cleaning methods remove deeply embedded dirt and debris that erode hardwood floors. Our protective finish will give your floors a streak-free shine and get them looking like new. We have specialized expertise in keeping hardwood looking shiny, clean, and like new.

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Are you looking for a professional, dedicated, and punctual deep cleaning service?

Say no more! Best Steamer brings you the best deep house cleaning services and deep office cleaning services.


We know some of you like your homes and offices spotlessly clean. Do stains, grime, and dirt bother you? We can help.

Our professional deep cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, will not just make your residential and commercial buildings shine bright and spotlessly clean. But you will also experience a healthier lifestyle.

We know that most of you do not enjoy cleaning but appreciate the experience of living in a clean house. Even if you have a housekeeping routine like sweeping and mopping your floors regularly or doing anything to keep your space free of clutter, our deep cleaning service can help many reluctant housekeepers enjoy a clean home and office with our recurring commercial and residential deep cleaning services.

Our deep cleaning service plans are designed to tackle all areas of your building that are left in regular cleaning. We even clean the hardest-to-reach places in your building.


The deep cleaning plans that we offer at Best Steamer cover everything included on our recurring service list. We also cover additional areas that only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. Some of such areas include:

  • Cleaning interior windows and frames.
  • Deep cleaning doors, door frames, door handles, blinds, mirrors, light fixtures, and switches.
  • We also clean the insides and outsides of cabinets and drawers, kitchen appliances like the oven, microwave, refrigerator, bookshelves, and picture frames.

We are proud to serve the community with our best deep cleaning services. We are affordable, reliable, and trustworthy. Our services are insured and licensed, and we only use authenticated and eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of your house and environment.

Our workers are skilled and well-trained. We only hire workers once we run a proper background check on them so that you can have a safe and relaxing cleaning service.

Let us help you keep your home and offices looking their best.

Call our team today to refresh your homes with our best deep house cleaning services.

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Buffing or screening can help prolong the length of time between full sanding or refinishing your wood floors. Over time, the top protective layer of the finish will wear down. This, in turn, leaves the wood more vulnerable to scratches, and floors can dull. The key is to have your floors buffed and re-coated before they get deep scratches or too worn. Our seamless buffing and refinishing services will provide your floors with the unparalleled shine they deserve.


Best Steamer in Charlotte, NC, is proud to be providing buffing and refinishing services to our customers in Charlotte, Mooresville, North Carolina, SouthPark, and the surrounding areas. We have trained and certified technicians, so you can rest assured that you are putting your flooring project in the best hands. Feel free to contact your local experts today!


We have a passion for restoring your floors, countertops, and other surfaces to their best possible condition. Experience the clean and shiny floor buffing service. Leave the complicated and difficult job of cleaning and restoring your surfaces to our technicians. Our knowledgeable and reliable craftsmen understand the value of your floor representation, and we do not take a rest until you are satisfied with our work.


We provide professional glass buffing service to our customers. Whether you are looking for deep cleaning of your window glass at your home or you want advanced glass cleaning service for your commercial building, we handle both. Our team has skilled craftsmen to clean your glasses and polish them to make them look like new. Now experience spotlessly cleaned and buffed glass service at affordable rates.


Does your floor look old and weary? Wooden floors look great, but they require proper maintenance and buffing to keep shining and remain durable. Best Steamers provide professional and reliable wood floor buffing service that will make your wooden floors shiny and clean.

We value the trust that you put in us by opting for our services. We only use authentic and approved products on your wooden floors to ensure the durability of your floors. Furthermore, we have next-gen equipment to provide you with expert buffing and refinishing services without harming your floors and other surfaces.


Our wood floor refinishing service renews the original shine of wood floors without leaving behind any dust, mess, or odor. We offer a robust, affordable, and professional way to return wood floors to like-new condition.

Let us restore the original beauty of your floors without any dust or lingering chemical odors of traditional refinishing methods.


Contact us now to get premium quality buffing and refinishing services. We value our customers and therefore do exactly what you ask us. We are looking forward to talking to you. Give us a call today to get our professional services and give your floors the special treatment they deserve.


Water stains, scratches, dullness, and whole areas worn bare by household traffic are signs that it's time to refinish the floor. In the past, that meant sanding down to bare wood-a dust-producing, time-consuming process that's risky if you don't have experience or expensive if you hire a pro. Some floors require this level of work, but many others can be revitalized by screening. Experience the best-in-class screen-coating solutions for your hardwood floors from the best Steamer.

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Your floor might be the most overlooked part of your facility, but it doesn't have to stay that way forever. Unprotected, neglected flooring will not only look bad for your house or business, but it also absorbs pollutants and contributes to ground contamination, and may also lead to costly maintenance and repairs. At Best Steamer, our scratch-resistant wood floor coating service withstands the abuses of any environment and protects the underlying substrate from premature wear and surface damage.


Our service also extends to removing hard water stains from walls that make your place look old and damage its value. We also remove water stains on glass. So, if you have stains in your house or office that are killing the tidy vibe of your place, call us now and get your home and office spotlessly cleaned at once.


Clean commercial buildings have a huge impact on employees as well as on clients. Tidiness not just showcases your professionalism but also portrays the attitude of your organization. Do not let that first impression get ruined. Call us in Charlotte, NC, now to get the best screen-coating service.


Our exceptional services do not just end up here. We also provide:

  • Screen Printing Coating Solution
  • Wood Floor Coating
  • Marble Floor Coating

When you call us, you can count on contracting the best local floor coating company in the NC area and surroundings.

We also provide a deep house cleaning service to relieve your stress and help you enjoy your home cleaning service thoroughly. We believe that people deserve to spend more doing what they like instead of involving themselves in deep cleaning. Let us professionals do the hard task for you.

Our deep cleaning service also includes taking care of screen coating and other services. We make your floors look new. We clean your hardwood, marble, or any other material flooring and polish them so they shine as if they have been installed recently.

Our screen coating service is also a great idea for tenants willing to secure the return of their security deposit. Whatever your reasons, our team of experts is happy to give your place a thorough and deep house cleaning and screen coating service.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are looking forward to assisting you.

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You want to keep your hardwood floors clean and looking good. Like other types of flooring, wood floors should be professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically even though you have tried to keep your hardwood floors clean, free of scuff marks, and shining like new! Our professional hardwood floor wax removal will infuse a flawless look to your floors while getting rid of the old wax and providing a shiny new coat.


At Best Steamers in Charlotte, NC, we tailor advanced technology and innovative solutions to solve a wide range of issues related to flooring facilities. We build partnerships with our clients by selecting the best way for hardwood floors and providing quality solutions that meet real needs, including flexible working hours and dust control.

We are a professional hardwood floor wax removal recoating company. We are reputable and experienced and offer services that you can trust to bring back the beauty and luster of your hardwood floors. Our craftsmen strive hard day and night to ensure customer satisfaction. We do not relax until our customers are pleased with our services.


Our exclusive wood floor services are divided into the following steps:

  • We start with evaluating your wood floors and identifying the wood and the finish type and sealant. We also inspect the floor for areas that require special attention.
  • Furthermore, we clean, mop, and sweep the floor to eliminate dust and dirt, then apply wood floor polish remover.
  • Our technicians brush the floor to clean the surface, remove stains from the wood grain, and extract dirt, grime, and old floor polish or acrylic coating.
  • Our expert workers are trained to perform specialized treatments for high-traffic areas, discoloration, penetrating scratches, or other issues.
  • We also buff your floor with special microfiber pads to ensure complete cleanliness.
  • Once we are done cleaning your floor, we then wax and polish it as needed to accomplish the desired look.
  • We use the best cleaner for waxed hardwood floors and the best hardwood floor polish wax to ensure your floor's durability.
  • Finally, we polish the floor to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. We also add a protective layer to the surface.


We are licensed and only use products and equipment that are state-approved.

Your hardwood floors are as important to us as to you. We use strong yet soft microfiber to clean both wet and dry messes.

We are against using harsh chemicals as they are the biggest enemy of hardwood floors. The products we use are biodegradable.