How To Clean Hardwood Floors The Right Way?

How To Clean Hardwood Floors The Right Way?

March 28, 2024

Hardwood floors elevate the beauty and elegance of any home. But their timeless beauty can be easily marred by dirt, dust, and improper cleaning methods.

If you’re struggling to find the best ways to clean or maintain your hardwood floor and get the best possible results, make sure you read this blog thoroughly.

Hardwood floors are usually cleaned once or twice a week, so here, we will discuss a step-by-step approach to cleaning your wood floors, leaving them looking their best for the coming years.

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Wood Floors The Right Way

⇒ Start Dusting The Floor

First of all, prepare the area. Pick up all unnecessary items from the floor and move every piece of furniture to a separate room. Then, start dusting the floor using a dry mop or microfiber mop to pick up dirt, dust, and other loose debris from the floor.

⇒ Vacuum Thoroughly

After dusting the floor, vacuum it thoroughly to pick up any loose contaminants that your dust mop or microfiber mop might’ve missed. When vacuuming the floor, remember two things.

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar. Otherwise, you might end up creating unsightly scratch marks over the wood. Instead, use a vacuum model that either lets you switch off the spinning brush roll or has a special cleaner head with soft bristles.

Secondly, try vacuuming in a snaky pattern to trap maximum contaminants and make sure you do not miss any.

⇒ Tackle The Stains

Once you’re done with vacuuming, inspect the floor properly (including every nook and cranny) for any signs of uncleaned stains. If you come across any, clean them using a dry cloth or paper towel.

After that, rinse the stained area with a slightly water-dampened cloth, working in the direction of the wood grain to prevent streaks.

⇒ Make A DIY Solution

Now, the floor is ready for a more thorough cleaning. Mix ½ cup of white vinegar with lukewarm water in a bucket. Then, dip your mop in the solution, wring it out properly, and start cleaning the floor following the direction of the wood grain.

Note: If you are using a commercial cleaning product, ensure you read every bit of instructions properly and follow them accordingly.

⇒ Let The Floor Dry

After mopping the floor, allow the floor to dry completely. If the room is relatively small, you can attach a microfiber cloth to a mop head and start drying the floor. However, if the room is large, turn on the ceiling fans or open all doors and windows to speed up the drying process.


For sparkling and long-lasting hardwood floors, remember, the key is to clean them accurately and maintain them regularly. With time and due to regular use, it’s completely natural for the hardwood to get dull and appear unsightly.

Nonetheless, cleaning them routinely with appropriate steps ensures your hardwood floors stay beautiful and functional for years beyond your expectations.

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