Dos And Don’ts Of Upholstery Cleaning

Dos And Don’ts Of Upholstery Cleaning

February 26, 2024

Whether it’s a plush sofa or a leather couch, cleaning is essential to keep its charm intact for long. However, mere cleaning is not all that’s needed, doing it the right way is also crucial.

Therefore, to make your upholstery cleaning more effective and help you with the correct approach, this blog discusses some important dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while giving your upholstery a cleanup at home.

Dos Of Upholstery Cleaning

⇒ Vacuum regularly 

No matter what you do, you cannot avoid the dirt and dust clinging to your upholstery fibers. But what you can do is prevent them from settling deeper by giving it a thorough vacuuming every week at the least. This will ensure the surface dust is picked up before it seeps and accumulates into the depths of your sofas and couches.

⇒ Clean the spills right away

Spills tend to quickly find their way into your upholstery as soon as they happen. Therefore, getting them out right away is important. So make sure you blot the excess moisture from the stains and treat them immediately so that they don’t leave a stubborn mark behind and also make it easier for you to get the fresh stain out thoroughly.

⇒ Spot-test solutions before use

Not all cleaning solutions can suit your upholstery type. Some may contain incompatible elements that might damage or discolor your sofa fabric and do more harm than good. So whether you opt for a store-bought product or make a DIY one, always make it a point to check it on a hidden spot first for its safety.

⇒ Use cleaners in the right amount

Another point to keep in mind while upholstery cleaning is to use the cleaners in the right amount. Never overuse the soap/solutions, assuming that more will do better. Excess amounts can leave a soapy residue behind even after cleaning, which will later attract dirt and spoil your upholstery fabric.

Don’ts Of Upholstery Cleaning

⇒ Do not ignore the care label

When cleaning your upholstery, always check the care label to know the manufacturer’s recommended type of cleaning. Different types of upholstery demand varying types of cleaning, and the codes (W | W/S | S | X) mentioned on the label will help you clean it the right way.

⇒ Do not overwet the fabric

Whether you are spot cleaning or deep cleaning, use water sparingly. Overwetting the fabric will allow the moisture to seep into its depth, making it difficult for you to remove it. That excess moisture will in turn lead to the growth of mold or mildew on your upholstery.

⇒ Do not rub the stains

Never rub the stains while taking them off your upholstery. Rubbing them aggressively will not remove them but will, instead, push/spread them deeper and even damage the delicate fibers with friction. Therefore, always opt for a gentle dabbing approach when cleaning the spills.

⇒ Do not delay deep cleaning

Your upholstery can hide a lot of gunk over time, which your routine cleaning can easily miss. Hence, scheduling a periodic professional upholstery cleaning is beneficial to get it cleaned thoroughly. They have powerful equipment and effective solutions to act on the deeply ingrained grime and ensure a comprehensive cleanup.

You can opt for our experts at Best Steamer. We have years of experience providing effective and thorough upholstery cleaning with advanced cleaning supplies and a modern approach to give it a true refresh. Contact us at (704) 488-7901 for our services.

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