Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Tile and Grout

December 6, 2023

Their durability and versatility make tiles a popular flooring choice for many homes as well as businesses. But like other surfaces, tiled floors also require regular cleaning and maintenance to look their best.

However, many homeowners end up making some common tile and grout cleaning mistakes that permanently damage the look of their tiled flooring. In this blog, our experts have listed these mistakes and ways to avoid them to help you maintain the shine of your tile and grout.

Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ignoring the Spills

The longer you let spills sit on your floor, the more problems they will cause, as grout is porous and absorbs spills quickly. It leads to staining and discoloration, which ruins the look and finish of your floors.

So, when there is a spill on your tiles, act quickly and blot the excess moisture with a clean rag. Then, treat it with a proper cleaning solution to prevent long-lasting damage.

2. Using Vacuum’s Beater Bar

Vacuuming and mopping your tiled floors regularly helps maintain their shine. However, using vacuum attachments such as a beater bar on tile and grouts can create unsightly scratches and marks on your flooring.

To prevent this, use a vacuum cleaner with just the suction without any attachments. Then, sweep and mop the floor to ensure effective cleaning without any side effects.

3. Overwetting the Tiles

Another common tile and grout cleaning mistake that you should avoid is using too much water to clean them. It can lead to permanent staining and increased chances of mold growth as moisture seeps between the grout lines.

To avoid this possibility, only use a small amount of water or cleaning solution when cleaning your tiled floors. Also, wipe the excess moisture off with a microfiber cloth instead of letting it air-dry to prevent your carpet from looking flat and dull.

4. Using Abrasives

You should never use abrasive cleaning items on your tiled flooring, as it can cause scratches and ruin the delicate finish of your tiles. It includes items like steel wool and hard-bristled brushes.

Instead, use sponges, mops with microfiber heads, and soft cloths to clean tile and grout whenever possible. It will prevent damage to your tile’s finish and help you maintain its look.

5. Cleaning with Bleach or Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Like abrasive tools, you should keep bleach and ammonia-based cleaners away from your tile and grout. These solutions discolor the grout over time and lead to a dull and flat look.

In place of these cleaners, use homemade cleaning solutions that are mild for your tiles and forego the risk of permanent discoloration. You can also read the manufacturer’s recommendation to pick the right cleaner.

6. Leaving the Grout Unsealed

Leaving the grout lines unsealed increases the chances of spills and moisture seeping into them and ruining their look. So, it’s a good idea to inspect your grout lines regularly and get them sealed when you notice an increased gap between them.

7. Not Hiring the Experts on Time

One tile and grout cleaning mistake you should avoid at all costs is not getting your floor deep cleaned by the experts. It increases the chances of staining and cracks and affects the overall look of your flooring.

You can avoid this by scheduling tile and grout cleaning with our experts. At Best Steamer, we understand the importance of regular tile and grout cleaning and aim to maintain the spotless look of your flooring with our advanced equipment and effective methods. To book your service, contact us at (704) 488-7901.

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