Upholstery Cleaning Charlotte NC


Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Charlotte NC

Upholstered furniture attracts dirt, grime, and stains and can be a breeding ground for harmful microbes. It requires periodic deep cleaning to keep it in good shape. At Best Steamer, we can help you maintain the spotless look of your upholstery with our professional upholstery cleaning in Charlotte NC.

Our cleaning technicians are experienced and trained in cleaning different types of upholstery fabrics with the right attention and care. Our top-notch equipment and best-quality cleaning supplies will eliminate dirt, grime, stains, and harmful contaminants and restore the original look of your furniture.

How Do We Clean Upholstery

We first inspect your upholstered furniture to check its types and identify the best cleaning method for your upholstery.

Then we pre-treat the upholstery fabric with an eco-friendly solution that softens the dirt, grime, and stains, making them easy to clean.

Then we use our powerful extraction tool to extract the deep-seated dirt, grime, and contaminants from your upholstery.

For leather upholstery, we use specific cleaners, moisturizers, and protectors to maintain its original shine and comfort.

Specialized Cleaning for Different Fabrics

Whether you have a microfiber couch or a leather recliner, we have the knowledge and expertise to treat them with a specialized cleaning approach. We follow the most efficient cleaning techniques suitable for your fabric to ensure guaranteed satisfaction without any damage to your upholstery. 

We use certified and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that work wonders on upholstered furniture. Our products are safe for your family and dry faster without leaving any sticky residue behind. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your furniture is in safe hands. 

Bring Your Upholstery Back To Life

No matter how filthy or stained your upholstery is, we can restore its new-like look with our top-notch upholstery cleaning in Charlotte. Our expert technicians will provide you with the most thorough cleaning while ensuring the right care it deserves. So don’t wait any longer and bring the original look of your back.