Buffing & Refinishing

Buffing or screening can help prolong the length of time between full sanding or refinishing your wood floors. Over time, the top protective layer of finish will wear down. This, in turn, leaves the wood more vulnerable to scratches, and floors can dull. The key is to have your floors buffed and re-coated before they get deep scratches or too worn. Our seamless buffing and refinishing services will provide your floors the unparalleled shine they deserve.


Best Buffing Services.

Best Steamer is proud to be providing buffing and refinishing services to our customers in Charlotte, Mooresville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We have trained and certified technicians, so you can rest assured that you are putting your flooring project in the best hands. Feel free to contact your local experts today!

Tile Buffing Services.

We have a passion for restoring your floors, countertops, and other surfaces to their best possible condition. Experience the clean and shiny floor buffing service. Leave the complicated and difficult job of cleaning and restoring your surfaces to our technicians. Our knowledgeable and reliable craftsmen understand the value of your floor representation, and we do not take a rest until you are satisfied with our work.

Glass Buffing Service.

We provide professional glass buffing service to our customers. Whether you are looking for deep cleaning of your window glass at your home or your want advanced glass cleaning service for your commercial building, we handle both. Our team has skilled craftsmen to clean your glasses and polish them to make them look like new. Now experience spotlessly cleaned and buffed glass service at affordable rates.

Wood Floor Buffing Service.

Does your floor look old and weary? Wooden floors look great, but they require proper maintenance and buffing to keep shining and remain durable. Best Steamers provide professional and reliable wood floor buffing service that will make your wooden floors shiny and clean.

We value the trust that you put in us by opting for our services. We only use authentic and approved products on your wooden floors to ensure the durability of your floors. We have next-gen equipment to provide you with expert buffing and refinishing services without harming your floors and other surfaces.

Wood Floor Refinishing Service.

Our wood floor refinishing service renews the original shine of wood floors without leaving behind any dust, mess, or odor. We offer a robust, affordable, and professional way to return wood floors to like-new condition.

Let us restore the original beauty of your floors without any dust or lingering chemical odors of traditional refinishing methods.

Are you sold yet?

Contact us now to get premium quality buffing and refinishing services. We value our customers and therefore do exactly what you ask us. We are looking forward to talking to you. Give us a call today to get our professional services and give your floors the special treatment they deserve.

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